Incas preview

Incas preview. Kamayuk and Slingers are seen along with the Wonder.

The Incas are a new civilization introduced in Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires.

The Incas are a South American civilization which was the largest empire in the whole Americas and the most extensive empire of medieval times.



An Inca warrior.

  • Start with a turkey/llama in HD version.
  • Villagers benefit from Blacksmith upgrades.
  • Houses support 10 population.
  • Buildings cost -15% stone.
  • Team Bonus: Farms built 50% faster.

Unique Units

  • Kamayuk: Infantry with a massive spear.
  • Slinger: Anti-infantry archer.

Unique Technologies

  • Couriers: Eagle Warriors, Slingers and Kamayuks +10% speed.
  • Andean Sling: Skirmishers and Slingers with no minimum range.


  • Temple of the Sun.


  • They appear with the Mesoamerican architectural style but they are from South America. This means the style will be called "American Style" from now on.

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