The 1st Patch of AoFE is coming to late January and will fix the following bugs:

  • Stone Gates not affected by Inca -20% bonus
  • Sultans makes villagers +110% faster instead of +10%
  • Double hunting dogs for Mongols (2nd one slows villagers down again)
  • “Turn Statistics off” is shown instead of the upgrade costs for Genoese crossbowman and Elephant archer
  • AI bugs and superfluous chatting from certain AIs
  • Palisade gate in tech tree
  • Stable is still shown in Inca tech tree
  • Stone wall is still shown in Hunnic tech tree.
  • Hotkey for palisade gate
  • Faster startup times due to automatic portforwarding
  • Volume issues (volume will be linked to system volume again, only affects Win XP and earlier)
  • Inca voices either too loud or inaudible.
  • Indian move/attack voices mixed up
  • Tlatoani doesn’t work
  • Japanese bombard towers can fire 3 bullets
  • Rain unit can be attacked by villagers
  • Halberdiers +2 damage vs Cavalry (was mistakenly changed)
  • Conquistadors affected by Turkish team bonus
  • Trebuchet LOS bug
  • Go-to TC not focussing on the TC on “hill start maps” (Hill Fort, Acropolis, Golden Pit)
  • Boyars make no sound when dying
  • Some teambonuses cut off on tech tree on 800*600 resolution
  • A few Windows 7/8 issues and the inability to play on “lol-installations”
  • Elite Magyar Huszar tech not in the trigger list
  • Aztec +15% military training speed bonus doesn't apply to trebuchets.
  • Yasama does not affect towers that have been built before keep/guard tower is being researched and the upgrade is done before the tower is up
  • Western walls (under construction) have enormous selection radius
  • Meso and Italian construction walls have no outline behind buildings
  • Viking team bonus not edited in the tech tree (15% cheaper docks instead of 25%)
  • Italian Gillnets costs 50f 50w. It should be 75f 100w according to civ bonus(dock tec 50% off)
  • Elite Throwing axeman cost incorrectly displayed in the tech tree
  • Elite Kamayuk upgrade cost incorrectly displayed in the tech tree
  • Mesoamerican gates have flying flags
  • Palisade gates not affected by Mayan team bonus
  • Indian trade workshop should look middle eastern, not far eastern
  • Orthodoxy doesn't apply to Monks with Relics
  • Turkish tech Bombard Tower costs 400w. It should be 200w according to civ bonus(50% off)
  • Stormy Dog has Genoese Crossbowman icon.

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