• The message ”Please copy the installation files to your Age of Empires II folder” is shown:
Copy the files into your Age of Empires II folder, the installer checks if the subfolder /age2_x1/ contains age2_x1.exe (The Conquerors)
  • Colors look bad on Windows 7/8:
Run Fix.exe in your /age2_x1 subfolder. (This is a silent fix, no window will open.)
  • When opening the game in single player, it asks me for a CD:
Run SETUPREG.exe in your Age of Empires II folder. If you can’t find it, you can download it here.
  • Nothing happens when opening age2_x2.exe:
Check if your Age of Empires II folder contains a file “empires2.exe”, if not, rename your Age of Kings exe to “empires2.exe”.
  • My screen turns black when launching age2_x2.exe
Go to the /age2_x1 subfolder and rename “Xwndmode.dll” to “wndmode.dll”